GAS-N Side Pipe Hanger Instructions 

  1. Layout hardware for each side

  2. Mount side pipes using new gaskets and bolts.

  3. With the four flange bolts in place, do not tighten bolts at this time. If pipes are not level, move pipe tip up or down as viewed from the side.

  4. If the pipe tip is too close or too far from the body (as viewed from the top) you may install optional adjustment wedge between the header flange and the side pipe flange.

  5. When the pipes are adjusted to your satisfaction tighten all eight flange bolts.

  6. Now it is time to install hanger using the following steps:

    1. Mount adjustment tabs to side pipes.

    2. Attach oval rubber mount to hanger bracket using 5/16 x 1-1/2 bolt washers and nut.

    3. Remove bolt that came in the round rubber mount and discard.

    4. Install the 1/4 x 1 bolt through the small end of the hanger and the mounting tab. Snug bolt but do not tighten at this time.

    5. Rotate hanger assembly into position. Adjust as necessary and mark hole positions for drilling.

    6. Lower assembly and drill 5/16" hole through 2x2 frame into foot box.

    7. Rotate hanger into position and secure using 5/16 x 3-1/2 bolts. Check all bolts at this time to make sure they are tight.